English language services


I earned my diploma at the prestigious University of Debrecen, on North American track. At the same time I also attained Business English Specialization. The unique spirituality and the excellent instructors of the university, the presence of guest professors and foreign instructors at the Institute of English American Studies and the variegation of exciting subjects all contributed to the quality outcome of my education that I obtained broad and comprehensive knowledge of the cultures (literature, politics, education, history, sports, music and language varieties) of the English-speaking world (USA, UK, Australia, Canada).


I translate texts from English to Hungarian, or from Hungarian to English. I have several years of experience behind me, I prepare quick and accurate translations taking into consideration the cultural peculiarities of the target language.

Prices of translation:
from Hungarian to English 2,2 HUF/character
from English to Hungarian 2 HUF/character

Proofreading and correction of English texts:

I undertake the supervision of translated scripts and texts of movies, videos, articles, private- and formal letters, advertisements and leaflets.
Price of proofreading: subject to agreement

Private English lessons:

During the course of private lessons I undertake the preparation of students for school leaving exams, language exams and professional language exams in English. I also undertake English language tutoring, the development of the four basic language competences, reading, writing, listening and speaking (even separately if needed), the acquisition of English language basis (in case of a possible foreign employment).
Price of private English lessons: 3000 HUF / 60 minutes



I am a fishing guide in Tokaj, Hungary. I organize fishing trips for fishermen (foreigners as well) to the Tisza and Bodrog rivers, or to the nearby lakes, ponds and backwaters (if there is need for still-water fishing adventures).

Fishing trips to choose from:BeFunky Collage8 másolata

Spring-time ultra-light spinning for orfe on the River Bodrog (from March to the 15th of April)
– Target fish: orfe
– Adjunct fish species: chub

Ultra-light spin fishing on the Rivers Tisza and Bodrog (from March to the 15th of April, and from May to October)
– Target fish: chub, orfe, asp, perch
– Adjunct fish species: pike, zander, catfish

River spin fishing for Asp (from May to July)
– Target fish: asp
– Adjunct fish species: orfe, chub, catfish

Vertical- and jig fishing for catfish (from March to the 1st of May, and from August to September)
– Target fish: catfish
– Adjunct fish species: zander, pike

Still-water spin fishing for pike (from April to May, and from September to December)
– Target fish: pike
– Adjunct fish species: perch, zander, catfish

Spin fishing for catfish at night (from the 16th of June to August)
– Target fish: catfish
– Adjunct fish species: asp, orfe, zander

Fishing for zander with soft baits (from October to February)
– Target fish: zander and Volga zander
– Adjunct fish species: asp, catfish, chub, barbel, bream and common bream, common nase

Spin fishing for pike on the River Bodrog (from September to December)
– Target fish: pike
– Adjunct fish species: asp, zander, perch, chub

– Target fish: perch
– Adjunct fish species: pike, bream

The time periods apparent next to the different fishing trips are just indicative. The actual water levels and weather conditions can highly influence these periods. For the actual and accurate conditions and fishing possibilities you may always ask information on phone or via email.

Prices of guided fishing trips:

1 day fishing trip (approximately 10-12 hours): 25 000 HUF
half day fishing trip (approximately 5-6 hours): 15 000 HUF

The prices of guided fishing trips do NOT include the prices of fishing licences, but they include the fuel to the engine and the price of the fishing guide. All prices include sales tax. I can provide tackle and lures for my guests if necessary.